About Us

Hello from Idaho! I'm Amy on the left and this is Sara on the Right.

We believe the kitchen is the heart of the home.

It's where you gather to enjoy meals. We want your family to gather together and not only eat in the same room, but CONNECT. So much is happening over a delicious meal when we are talking and sharing our ups and downs.

Our purpose is to create a beautiful environment where you will want to be, and give you tools to make communicating easier.We became friends through our love of Taco Tuesday's at Cafe Rio, because yes we Love Tacos and Salsa! (Something we usually eat during business meetings!) We kept our friendship going even with the chaos of families and jobs.

We know its possible for you to keep your connection to your loved ones even when your life is crazy busy as well! We are here to help and support you. 

Summer of 2019, "Styling Samy" was created with the intention of bringing your family closer together. 

We hope you will share us with everyone you know and join us in this friendship community. Follow along with us on Instagram @Stylingsamy.


Amy & Sara


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